Unhealthy Ingredients In Your Cosmetics

I am sure that you have heard of formaldehyde and associate it with being used in morgues and funeral homes. It is a chemical that is used for fixing dead tissues for dissection, and is a carcinogen known for causing cancer.

But, did you know that it can still be found in lots of other products including cosmetics? Unhealthy cosmetic ingredients can become a problem!

Other products that contain formaldehyde as an ingredient include nail polish, nail hardeners, eyelash glue, soaps, shampoos, hair gel and deodorants.

Unhealthy Ingredients in Makeup

The only way to buy a product without this terrible ingredient is to get into the habit of checking labels. It is important for you to know that formaldehyde is also found in another form called formalin. As well as causing cancer these ingredients are known to be an irritant.


Phthalates are another common chemical which is used in plastics. They are commonly used to help soften plastics for shower curtains. You will recognize the smell when you open a brand new curtain.

This chemical is also used in fragrances in products such as air fresheners, cleaning products, and in your cosmetics. Phthalates is one of the cosmetic ingredients that work to help a material hold on to fragrances and to retain their color.

They can also be found in products such as soaps, hair product, and lotions. Basically, almost any cosmetic that has a scent. Phthalates are also in perfumes and colognes. The downside for consumers is that this industry is required to add them to a label.

Unfortunately, this chemical is so commonly used that it is practically impossible to avoid them. They are dangerous because they can really cause havoc with your hormones. Your hormones are responsible for all of the processes that go on in your body. Including regulating the production of estrogen, this can cause issues with your breasts. This can also affect menopause and monthly menstruation.

Some researchers believe that Phthalates are causing some male babies to become more feminine while in the womb. They have also been associated with infertility, poor sperm quality and they can reduce the levels of sex hormones in your body.

Phthalates have also been linked with being responsible for increasing your risk of breast cancer and have been shown to cause breast tumor cells to increase.


Another common chemical that you are probably using every day is triclosan. This is a preservative used to fight bacteria and is found in toothpaste. This product can actually lead to antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Unsafe Toothpaste Chemicals

What this means is that when you have an infection, it can be harder to treat. Triclosan has been linked to causing hormonal problems, as well as environmental problems. This is especially true when it ends up in your water supply.

Triclosan can build up in an entire ecosystem and can cause algae to die. It also builds up in fish and other marine life, the end result of which is that it disrupts the ecological system.

Aside from toothpaste, it is found in products such as deodorant and cosmetics. Its primary use is to prevent bacteria from growing and helps to prevent odors.

This chemical has been discovered in human breast milk samples from using personal care items. This obviously leads to many concerns about the effects of exposing infants to triclosan and the harm it can do to them.

As with anything, read the labels and avoid those which have triclosan. You are better off to skip the anti-bacterial products and use plain soap and water instead.

Be Aware of the Cosmetic Ingredients in Products

In the end, you should always be wary of possible harmful cosmetic ingredients in the things that you buy. Read the label. Look up the possible side-effects of the ingredients listed. Treat your body like the temple it is and say “no” to chemicals that could harm it!

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