Eye Makeup for Mature Women

When it comes to eye makeup for mature women there are a few things you want to take into consideration. The main one is your age, you really don’t want to be using the same colors you did when you were much younger. Instead you want to look for colors and products that enhance and soften your eyes in a natural way.

New Ways to Apply Your Eyeliner

In your younger years you most likely chose bold or even harsh eyeliner colors and you may have not been too concerned over how you applied your eyeliner. Anytime you look in a woman’s magazine you saw them using bold colors and looks and you just followed suit. Your goal, especially for nights, was to have your eyes stand out as much as possible.
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This was accomplished by choosing dark eye liners and then completely lining the entire area around your eye. This included the top and bottom of your eye and maybe even the inside of your eye on the lid along with the lower lash set.

Your goal now, as a mature woman, is to brighten up your eyes so they look open. This can be achieved by using softer eye liner colors. You would then only line the top lashes, towards the outer area of your eye. You do not want to line the eye lid where it becomes closer to the bridge of your nose.

If you use your eyeliner under your eyes you will actually be drawing attention to your dark circles, so if dark circles are an issue, avoid this at all costs.

Liquid liners may be easy to use, but they leave harsh lines, especially when used on your upper eye lid. These harsh lines are not softening at all for any mature woman. Instead try using a pencil eyeliner and then smudge it so that it looks more soft and natural.

Selecting the Right Eye Shadow Color

Wearing the wrong eye color is absolutely unappealing, it can look fake and can make you appear much older. A great example of this is those older women who wear that bright blue eye shadow over their entire lids. TV makeup artists use this method to actually make fun of older women, but it really isn’t anything to laugh about at all.

As you mature it can be difficult to know what color eye shadow to wear. You want to select a color that will help you look youthful and this will not be the same shade that you used as a young woman.

Do not even consider using any type of harsh or bright color. Instead you want to choose more neutral colors, these will be those soft browns, pinks and peaches. Avoid blues, greens and purples.

The most effective ways to make your eyes pop and look gorgeous is by making them look soft, smooth and radiant. This can be easily done by applying your eye shadow over a good quality hydrating eye cream. If you happen to have dry eyelids your eye shadow will not go on correctly.

By sticking with these guidelines you can easily look and feel great in your new eye makeup colors and textures. Have fun!

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