What Cosmetic Products Are Safe to Use?

If you have read any of my other articles on this blog about the dangers of chemicals that are in your cosmetics. You may be wondering if there are any cosmetics which are actually safe to use? Is the word ‘natural’, a good guide line to go by? Natural and/or organic products don’t always equate to safe cosmetic products.

Unfortunately it isn’t. The word ‘natural’ isn’t a regulated word in the cosmetic industry. You are much better off looking for companies that let you know what chemicals they have used in their products, and those that promise to eliminate any known toxins.

How to Find Safe Cosmetics?

You can use an online database to discover if any product contains a specific chemical or not. One good one  to use is the www.ewg.org/skindeep/ site, it contains information on thousands of products that are on the market.

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The problem with cosmetics is that the manufacturer does not have to list all of their chemicals on the label. So you will need to get into the habit of researching products and identifying those that are dangerous.

Always be cautious when you see any ingredient with a chemical sounding name, or one that you just can’t begin to even pronounce. Try to look for organic or herbal products that are free from chemicals, they are out there.

The word ‘organic’  on a product doesn’t always mean that it is safe to be used. Look for the words USDA Certified Organic, which means that at least 95% or the ingredients are organic.

You may want to consider avoiding some of the most common products which contain unsafe chemicals. This includes products such as anti-aging creams, hair dyes, nail polishes, skin lighteners, hair sprays and gels and those products which are heavily scented.

DIY Cosmetics? Yes You can!

It is quite easy to make your own cosmetics at home. This can be accomplished by using common ingredients that you have in your kitchen. Olive oil, coconut oil, various herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients.

While it will not always be possible to avoid chemicals in your cosmetics, you can do your best to drastically reduce those that you come into contact with. Get into the habit of reading labels, researching products online, and by checking databases. You could potentially eliminate many harmful ingredients from your life.

Try this today by looking through the cosmetics that you have at home. You may not want to throw anything out but start looking for alternatives to use. When it is time to buy a new bottle of lotion or a new lipstick look for ones that are chemical free and safe to use.

Always bear in mind that any creams, lotions, or make up that you use on your skin eventually seeps into your bloodstream. There is no way you would physically eat any of these products. So why put them on your skin? Be mindful to check for safe cosmetic products, natural or not.

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