Eye Make-Up – What You Need To Know

Eyeshadow can completely transform your makeup look, taking you from day to night. Learning how to apply eyeshadow correctly is a skill, which I’m going to breakdown to help you achieve a flawless eye look.

In addition to mastering the skills, it is important to ensure you have the right tools. It is worth investing in good quality brushes (keep on reading to find out which ones I use) that will help you to create the best possible results. In this post I will share with you techniques I have picked up over the years and my go-to eye makeup products.

Prepping Your Eyes

The first and crucial stage of prepping your eyes. It is important to prep your eye area before applying any product to ensure the makeup will look smooth and lasts the day.

I prep my eyes by firstly cleansing my entire face using the BeautyCounter Nourishing Cream Cleanser. I particularly like this product because the formula does not irritate my eyes – like others have done in the past.

Secondly, I apply BeautyCounter Nourishing Eye Cream on my eyelids, under and around my eyes. I use this product as a primer to help keep my eye makeup in place.

Applying Eyeshadow

Now to the fun part!! My current favourite eyeshadow palette to use is the BeautyCounter Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Classic. The brown hues which can be found in this palette are universally flattering on all eye colors.

Beautycounter Classic Eyeshadow Palette

When applying eyeshadow I start with a nude hue base color (suede) that I apply using the BeautyCounter All-Over Eye Brush. I then apply a color a shade darker than the nude hue in a brown (Sienna) to the crease of my eye using the BeautyCounter Crease Eye Brush.

Finally, I finish the look by applying a highlighting shade (penny or copper) to the centre of my eyelid using the BeautyCounter Precision Brush. I also use this brush for two other uses, firstly to apply the same darker hue I used on my crease on my waterline as an alternative to eyeliner. Secondly, with my luminous powder highlighter under my brow bone, cupids bow and inner tear ducts to brighten up those areas.

If you do not own a highlighter, you could use the shade ivory from the palette I previously mentioned as a perfect alternative. You may wonder why I choose to only use BeautyCounter brushes and the reason is all their brushes are made without animal hair. They are instead made with taklon bristle that are free from harsh chemicals – and not to mention extremely soft on the skin.

Eyeshadow Hues That Compliment Your Eye Color

For green eyes – Gold, burgundy, taupe, copper
As your eye color is bright, you do not need to use vivid colors to enhance them. Avoid cool shades like blue, as they can make your eyes look washed out.

For blue eyes – Neutral browns, peach, silver and taupe
Avoid using blue hues, as this may make your eyes appear dull rather than extenuate them.

For light brown eyes – Gold, red, pink, green
Brown eyes are the most versatile and most colors will be complimentary. However, to make your eyes pop choose a pink or green shade.

For dark brown/black eyes – Purple, mustard, blue and violet
Also, a bold hue like a royal blue will make your eyes pop.

Beautycounter Eyeshadow

Fun Fact – History of Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is a simple eye product in the form of a fine powder. It is used to add color to your eyelids to accentuate your eyes.

Egyptian royalty first used it to enhance their appearance during religious ceremonies. However, when the trend reached Rome and Greece, people began using it to enhance their attractiveness, instead of just for religious ceremonies.

How To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

I’m sure you’ll agree when we do our eye makeup, the goal is always to make our eyes look brighter and bigger. So here are my 5 go-to tips to make your eyes appear bigger. After all, eyes that appear bigger give the impression of looking younger and more awake – who wouldn’t want to achieve that look?!

  1. Eyebrows – They shape your face so it is important to have a regular eyebrow shaping appointment where you can choose to either get them waxed or threaded. I personally prefer waxing as it is a quicker process.
    After having a monthly appointment, you can then maintain the shape created by the beautician by plucking any stray hairs. By having thick but maintained eyebrows, this natural look will bring attention to the eyes. Whereas over-plucked eyebrows can make you appear older than you are.
  2. Conceal Dark Circles – By concealing your under eyes, you will keep the attention away from any dark under eye circles you may have and instead keep it on your eyes. My go-to concealer is the BeautyCounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen in the shade fair. To achieve the best results you should choose a concealer in a shade lighter than your foundation color.
  3. Prevent Puffiness – Any swollen skin around your eyes will naturally make your eyes appear smaller. To avoid this, you should ensure you get a sufficient amount of sleep, stay hydrated, regularly wash your face with cold water and apply ice compresses to your eyelids when they are swollen to reduce the puffiness.
  4. Emphasise Your Lashes – I think lashes are one of the most transforming parts when applying your makeup and one of my favourite steps in a makeup routine. To prep your lashes, you should use an eyelash curler, ensuring you capture every lash and close the curler as close to the lashes as possible.
    Once your eyelashes are prepped, you can then simply apply your mascara. I use the BeautyCounter Volumizing Mascara, I find that it makes my lashes appear fuller and bolder without smudging or causing my lashes to clump together.
  5. Use Eyeliner Effectively – Eyeliner is an eye product you think of when trying to make your eyes appear bigger. However, if it is used incorrectly it can make your eyes appear smaller.
    So to avoid making your eyes look smaller (no one wants this) ensure you do not apply heavy black eyeliner on your eyes’ waterline. Alternatively you can use eyeshadow on your lash line in a brown hue for a softer look.
    The most effective way to make your eyes appear larger is by applying eyeliner to your upper lash line with a flattering cat eye flick. You can follow my tutorial to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner in my previous post ‘Makeup Trends and How To Tackle Them‘.

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