Tips for Lining and Coloring Your Lips

As you age, your lips change shape and size. Mature women often find that their lips are not as plump anymore and that lipstick just doesn’t look as natural and as soft as it once did. Thus, it becomes an effort to find the right way of lining and coloring lips.

Lipstick Makeup Beauty CosmeticsNot to worry, mature women can still get that deep, sultry look of a pouty mouth again. What you don’t want to do is to use darker lip colors as you age. It is much easier for younger women to wear colors like burgundy and deep, deep reds. A darker color only brings attention to your lips and this will enhance all those small aging signs around your mouth. Leaving you looking much older, this is a look that no mature woman wants to achieve!

Once you hit the forty age group you should avoid wearing those bright red lip colors, they are just way too harsh. Instead you would be better off with a color which is still bright but is not a dark and rich color. Look for colors in the pink, coral and peach color ranges. By the way choose these same colors for your lip liners as well.

Personal Lining and Coloring Lips Tips

A tip I learned from a makeup artist is to not use a lip liner, instead use a highlighter pencil. Use it around your lips, then rub it in smooth and then finally apply your lip stick. This helps you achieve those wonderful looking lip line, but you don’t have to worry about your lip color bleeding into those small cracks and crevices around your lips.

These bleeding process is actually known as feathering and many women do suffer from this problem, you may have done too! When you first apply your lip liner it looks wonderful and flawless. But slowly your lip color leaks into those fine lines leaving you with a jagged and unattractive look.

The solution to this is to choose a lip liner color that matches your lips as closely as possible. Select a smooth and creamy liner and try and find one that helps to moisturize your lips at the same time. If your lips are hydrated there is much less chance of your lip color bleeding out.

While many women get frustrated over the fact that they have to change their skin and makeup regimen, you shouldn’t. Why not embrace it and use it is a wonderful exercise to buy new skin care products and makeup for yourself. When was the last time you treated yourself to anything?

You are at the point in your life where you want to appear natural and glowing, instead of made up. Lining and coloring lips is just one way of enhancing what you have naturally. No matter what your age you are always beautiful.

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