5 Simple Halloween Looks

Struggling to think of a Halloween costume?! Or just looking to create a look with minimum effort?! If so, I’m here with solutions. Here are 5 of my tried and tested Halloween looks, that can all be created in under 30 minutes or less.

Halloween Makeup Tutorial


This look is super easy to create but looks like you have spent time on it – what more could you want?! Complete your base make-up, as you usually would apply it.

Next, you will need fishnet tights to create the mermaid scales. Place a piece over your face where you would like the scales, I think it looks best down the side of your face for a half-human-half-mermaid look.

You could also create scales on your arms and legs, a few random patches of scales look best, covering your entire body in them may look too much.

There are two ways to create the scales, one is with using glitter eyeshadow to brush over the fishnet tights. The other is to grab a colored canned spray (these can be found in most party or costume shops), which you use by spraying it over the fishnet.

Whether you choose to use an eyeshadow, or a spray ensure you choose a color such as purple, blue or pink for a pretty mermaid look. You could even mix a combination of colors together for a mystic look. Pair the ‘mermaid scales’ with a colored eyeshadow and lip, these could be the same color or contrasting colors.

Queen Of Hearts

To create this look, start by applying a light foundation (almost white), this will make the red we’re about to add more vivid. Taking some foundation over your lips too. Then take a bright red lip liner and create a small heart in the centre of your lips, using our cupid’s bow as a guide, filling it in with the same lip liner.

You could also draw a heart onto your cheekbone using the same liner. Grab your blusher to create rosy cheeks, adding more blush than usual for a more eccentric look.

Finally, the queen of hearts always has cornflower blue eyeshadow, place this over your eyelids and up to your eyebrows to mirror her look. For a simple outfit, wear a black and red dress, and any heart accessories you may have.

Harley Quinn

This has been a popular Halloween look since the release of Marvel’s Suicide Squad, where we saw Margot Robbie’s version of the look. You will able to find a costume in most stores, but you could also easily recreate it at home. To do this, wear blue shorts and doing some DIY designs on a white tee.

All you need to do is use a black marker to write the famous slogan on the front which is ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’. Then, use a blue and red marker to create stripes over the t-shirt.

For the make-up, start by making your face white with a powder or face paint. You will then need a black liquid eyeliner to create a smokey eye look. Place a large amount of the liner into the waterline and on the lash line then use your finger to roughly smudge – We want it to look as messy as possible.

Next, add the iconic red and blue eyeshadow to each eye. Put the red on your right and blue on the left. You want to place this mostly on the edge of your eyes, dragging it down the side of your face as if your hands have dragged streaks down the side of your face (see photo for reference).

Lastly, grab a bright red lip liner and over-line your lips slightly and then fill your lips in with a red matte lipstick in the same shade – for an extra distressed look smudge the lipstick down your face slightly.

The hair is also simple and will make your look instantly recognisable. Start creating a middle parting, next divide your hair into two equal sections and brush your hair into two high ponytails securing these with a red and a blue scrunchie for each.

Finally, pull out two small pieces of hair from the front of your hair.

Wizard for Halloween

When you think of a wizard, you often think of the film franchise Harry Potter. This is the route I am going for. Hermione is such an iconic character. And you can recreate her look easier than you probably think!

For Hermione, she is most remembered for her first appearance in the film with crazy curly hair. To create the hair the night before braid your hair into two french plaits, in the morning after you have unravelled the braids, do what we never usually do to curly hair take a brush through your hair twice, you will see the volume already increasing.

Next, take a backcombing brush (or a normal comb would work). Tease the hair around your roots for volume, finally tilt your hair upside down and spray a generous amount of hairspray. For make-up, keep it simple with ‘English rose’ type make-up, apply a light amount of foundation, a dusting of blush, use a brow product to create a defined eyebrow. I noticed Hermione always has neat and defined brows. Add a rose-tinted lipstick.

For your outfit, you don’t need a full school outfit to look like Hermione, if you have a white shirt and skirt that’s great, if not an all-black outfit would look great too, the main part of the outfit which defines who you are is a cape.

You will also be able to find a wand replica at costume shops, but you could also alternately use a long stick from your backyard.

Cat Woman

Of course, the easiest Halloween of all time is the classic cat, with ears and drawn-on whiskers. Spend 5 more minutes and stand out from the crowd by transforming yourself into cat woman. The make-up is super simple for this look, all you need is black face paint.

Start by applying your normal base make-up. Your eye area is the focus of this look, so your eyes have to pop. To do this, grab a black shimmery eyeshadow and blend this over your eyelid and take a smaller brush to place it in your waterline. Next, add some wispy false eyelashes – these will open your eyes up.

Now for the transforming part of the look – the painted eye mask. Unless you’re a professional artist (I certainly am not), I would recommend drawing or printing a template. You can then hold up to your face and fill in with the paint. This will ensure the mask is painted on precisely. A painted eye mask is better than a plastic one – that you would want to take off after ten minutes.

Finish, the look of with subtle glossy lip. Dress this make-up look with black heels and an all-black outfit, leather is always effective for this look. For accessories, you can pop on your staple cat ears and a black choker necklace.

You Can Come Up with your Own Halloween Look!

Don’t limit yourself with your Halloween looks! It’s the season for letting your imagination go wild! Happy Halloween!

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