Replacing the Mindset That Jumbles Your Beauty

Once you realize how you are cutting yourself short in the beauty department, it is time to let that burden go. Your goal now, is to grow a new mindset. This will be one that isn’t weighed down by low self esteem.

Appreciate Self BeautyIt is possible to use the principles from the law of attraction to help boost your self esteem, the way you really look and the way others think you look as well. The best way to do this is to start with a clean state, so to speak. You need to forgive yourself for all the time you have spent thinking bad thoughts about your beauty.

The best way to do this is to say, “I forgive myself for not realizing the true potential of my beauty.” Let yourself be free of guilt and anything you’ve done to disable your self esteem.

Start Over!

Once you have forgive yourself, you need to start rebuilding. Now that you have just torn down the old foundation of living in an unhealthy way, you need to use the best tools available to replace it with something wonderful!

This is going to work differently for everyone and you can use various tools to achieve it. You might like to use positive affirmations, self hypnosis, you can simply reboot the way you look at your body, or you might prefer to take actionable steps to implement changes. Plus you can do a mixture of these things.

Your mindset is going to be extremely important. This is going to be the portion that helps you with your internal beauty. After that you will want to tackle the actual steps you can take to change your appearance on the outside.

Cultivate A New Perspective

Knowing what you hate about yourself is the easy part. It is now time to take a look at yourself in a different way. Do this in front of a mirror by just being thoughtful and do this in a quiet place without any interruptions.

Take a good look at yourself and tell yourself all those things that are right with your body. You are going to have some things that you truly like. This could be the color of your hair, or your curls, you might love the shape and size of your eyes or lips.

No matter how small, find the things that you can appreciate about the way you look. This is all part of rebooting your mind to accept yourself as the way you are.

Exterminate The Devil On Your Shoulder

Now, this isn’t going to happen overnight. Just because you stood in front of the mirror and found some nice things to say, doesn’t mean you will wake up tomorrow and be a new person.

What it does do, is to give you a starting point. Then, each day, you need to tune into your negative self talk and stop it whenever you feel like putting yourself down.

In other words, brutally kill that devil on your shoulder that is whispering negativity into your ear!

Eliminate Negative Self TalkReplace negative thoughts with positive ones. If you don’t like your legs but you like the way your arms look, use this on those negative days. When you wake up in the morning compliment yourself on your good features and focus on those more.

During the day take time to think good things about who you are. Do this on your way to work, during your breaks and just before going to bed at night. Always use lots of energy and be positive so that this way you can easily find the new you that is hiding just under the surface.


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