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In a previous post I have touched on some of the cleaner cosmetic products that I have converted to. In this post I want to elaborate further about each of the products I use on a regular basis.

I will also share with you how I have learnt to use them to their full effect. Over time I have curated these products to build up my essential collection.

BeautyCounter Makeup Bag and Cosmetic Products

Like most of us, when I’m doing my makeup I’m often in a rush. So anything that can help minimize the time is always welcome.

I am keen to share my time saving tricks with you. And likewise, if you have any of your own, please do let me in on your tips and tricks.

Foundation Brush

One of my most recent time saving discoveries are makeup brushes. I found that introducing makeup brushes cuts the time it takes to apply my makeup in HALF.

This is because it saves the mess of having the product on my fingers, and prevents the dreaded foundation stencil around my face.

I introduced the foundation brush first and after it being such a hit, I then began to grow my collection. And I haven’t looked back since. It really shows a simple change can make a HUGE difference.

Beautycounter Foundation Brush

PAO Dates

Another change I have made, is ensuring I keep a check on the PAO dates on my products. PAO stands for Period After Opening. As in the past I have been guilty of hoarding products in my makeup bag for much longer than I should have.

I found out that each product has a PAO mark, that you can find on your product as picture of a small jar with a number on it. This number indicates how long the manufacturer estimates the product will stay at its peak condition for.

My new ritual is to check my products PAO marks every couple of months. We don’t ignore sell by dates on our food, so why should we ignore the date on the products we apply to our skin.


Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation

I prefer my makeup to look as natural as possible. This foundation is perfect for achieving this look because it is lightweight while offering enough coverage to create an even and flawless skin tone.

The shade I use is Linen, this is the second to the lightest stage. The foundation contains sodium hyaluronate, which is a natural moisture magnet. This ingredient can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Touchup Skin Concealer Pen 

I find this product is not only aesthetically pleasing and even could pass as a YSL Touché Eclat dupe. I like my concealer to have medium to high coverage and this one delivers on this.

The pen applicator allows precision when applying and ensures that only the needed amount of product is distributed. So there is no waste. It is also small and convenient to have in your handbag, which is perfect for any touch-ups throughout the day.

I use the shade Light, again the second to lightest color in the range. I apply this as a triangle shape under my eyes, going down the side of my nose and up to the corner of my eye.

Radiant All Over Bronzer

I feel my makeup does not look complete until I have applied bronzer. I apply it to the apples of my cheeks and have recently introduced light contouring.

This bronzer takes me through the year with buildable coverage for when I am slightly more tanned. This product is very pigmented as it contains the ingredient Butter Powder which increases the longevity of the product and encourages it to blend seamlessly.

Beautycounter Bronzer


This blusher adds a pretty glow to my skin and blends seamlessly, unlike some powder blushes which I find sit on the surface of the skin. I use the shade Hibiscus, a natural looking pink, which is not too bright like others I have previously used.

This is another one of my time-saving products as it can also be used on your lips and eyelids as well. I adore a product which has a multitude of uses.

Beautycounter Cream Blusher


Volumizing Mascara

I feel as though this mascara makes my lashes appear twice the length. And it seems that I am not alone in loving this mascara, as it is one of BeautyCounter’s best selling products.

Research has shown many mascaras can contain Carbon Black which can be very harmful. It is reassuring to know BeautyCounter does not use this and instead uses natural fibres for the brush and natural plant-derived ingredients.

This mascara is only available in the shade black at the moment and when I use this product, I apply two coats.


Sheer Lipstick

I tend to not wear a full face of makeup every day. However, no matter what I always like to apply something to my lips to feel I look somewhat put together.

The shade I use, and a firm staple is Rose, as it is elegant and natural looking. This lipstick also hydrates your lips due to containing jojoba esters and carnauba wax. It is subtly scented with one of my favourite aromas of vanilla.

Beautycounter Lip Sheers


Flat Complexion Brush
This is my go-to brush. It is created to be specifically used with the Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation or Touchup Skin Concealer Pen. The brushes’ flathead brush is ideal for creating natural-looking coverage.

Angled Blush Brush
Although named as a blush brush, I use this for my bronzer. I put powder onto my brush and lightly blow any excess product off to avoid putting too much bronzer on at once.

Precision Brush
I own two of these brushes. One I use to apply my lipstick if I want a slightly subtler look. And the other I use when I choose to contour my nose, as precision is needed for this.

BeautyCounter Makeup Brushes

I hope you enjoyed discovering my makeup essentials! What are your makeup must haves?

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