How to Live a Clean Lifestyle

What is meant by a clean lifestyle?

For me, a clean lifestyle is about being mindful of the products I purchase and becoming aware of the issues with certain substances. I am working towards creating a better quality of life and future for my family.

I do this by choosing to purchase foods in the most natural state possible, as well as being aware of the chemicals in the products I use. These products could be anything from skincare products to household substances. I think a good rule to go by is, if you cannot pronounce an ingredient contained within a product, you should probably avoid it.

What changes can be made to achieve this lifestyle?


To make changes towards living a lifestyle like this, your diet should consist of mainly nutrient-rich and wholesome foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and high-quality protein. If you do not eat meat or high-quality animal protein, opt for alternative plant-based options such as soy, beans, nuts, and other legumes.

It could even be beneficial to attempt to cut down your intake of meat. Be it for health, ethical, or environmental reasons. For example, I like to have one meat-free day a week. This also provides you with the opportunity to experiment with vegan recipes, which are available in high volumes due to the growing increase and popularity in veganism. I’ve recently experimented with vegan recipes and have to say they were delicious (these can also be found on my blog).

In addition, you can replace your conventional grocery store produce with local and organic fruit, vegetables, and meat. Ideally from a farmer’s market! Although it may cost you a little more, you’re providing opportunities for your local farmers, it is eco-friendlier as it requires less energy to transport the goods, and you will get the best seasonal produce. They also tend to taste better and fresher!

You should try to avoid foods which are highly processed, as they often contain ingredients like rancid oil and myriad additives and preservatives which are not made for the human body. This is why organic products are so great, as they aim to reduce the use of chemicals. Also, try staying away from foods with added preservatives, additives, stabilizers, and sugars. Stabilizers are often found in common ingredients in our grocery store products such as lecithin, acacia gum (agar) and gelatine.

However, there are some clean processed foods which you can buy at the grocery store including certain dairy products (cheese, plain yogurt) and whole wheat pasta. You can also find products at the grocery store to replace bad fats with healthy fats such as avocado, nuts and coconut oil.

These 3 ingredients are diverse and can be used in many ways when cooking. By making these changes it does not mean living on a bland diet, as you can see from flavoursome recipes on this blog. I now choose to combine my passion for cooking and improving my lifestyle by mainly cooking my meals from scratch. By doing this I am aware of the ingredients I am putting into my body.

Beauty and Skincare

Converting to clean beauty is a change which would perhaps not be your first thought when changing to a lifestyle like this. However, it is an important one as all the products we use topically go into our system in a similar way to how food does. I have switched most of my makeup and skin care products to BeautyCounter ones, and I am thrilled with the results. I would recommend the brand to anyone looking for a safer take on skincare. With this brand, you do not have to sacrifice the luxury or quality of products due to their in depth product development. There really is something for everyone, as BeautyCounter offers more than just makeup.

They offer skin care, bath and body products for both men and women, along with a range of a family friendly baby, kid,  and travel products. As I mentioned in my recent blog post BeautyCounter Review, in the US only 30 toxic chemicals are banned in cosmetic products in comparison to the EU, who have banned 1328 chemicals. Therefore, it is reassuring to know their products are made with our health and environment in mind and are free from the suspected or proven toxic ingredients as they prohibit the use of over 1,500 questionable ingredients – which are otherwise allowed to be put into these types of products.

Favourite BeautyCounter Products

Household Products

In addition to my clean beauty and skincare products, it is important to me that the products I use around the house on a daily basis do not contain toxic chemicals. With this in mind, I was thrilled to become aware that the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017 was signed into California law on October 15th, which for the first time requires manufacturers to disclose cleaning product ingredients.


In addition to converting the food and products we use, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By staying active with regular exercise, cutting out bad habits such as smoking, and taking time to unwind with a relaxing method such as yoga or meditation. For meditation I would highly recommend an app you can get for free on the App Store called Headspace, as it is a great introduction to meditation and being able to download it onto your mobile phone means you can practice your meditation anywhere.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of living a lifestyle like this are that you will have a far better overall wellbeing. Importantly, your immune system will improve, and therefore you’re putting preventive measures in place to help fight and reduce your risk of contracting illnesses and diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and bacterial infections.

You should also see an increase in your energy levels, an improved mood, balanced blood sugars, and decreased allergic symptoms. Not only are you creating many benefits for your body, but you are also improving your environmental footprint.

You are doing this by reducing the amount of plastic used and by supporting local farmers who do not use harmful pesticides on their crops. If you are looking for a new lifestyle to live by, I would highly recommend this one. Every day I see the benefits this lifestyle is having on me and my family and how it will create a healthier future.

Have you converted to a clean lifestyle? If so, did you find my tips helpful? I would love to hear any tips you may have for me?

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