How to Age with Dignity & Grace

Have you ever considered how your grandmother and possibly even your own mother have aged so well? In your grandmother’s time, there was certainly no major cosmetic and beauty products available as there are today. So how did she manage to grow old with dignity and style?

The best answer to this question is that your grandmother and your own mother used many natural ingredients in their skin care regimens. Plus, they lived a different lifestyle altogether. I doubt if your grandmother ever visited a fast food joint when she was a child.

How Our Grandmothers Aged So Well

Instead, she probably walked or biked to school each day, taking along a homemade lunch. Lunch would have consisted of bread and fruits with maybe some protein if any was leftover from the previous night’s dinner.

Her natural beauty tips and lifestyle would have been passed onto your mother, who is the one who would have seen considerable changes in the environment. These changes would include pollution from cars and the availability of ready-made foods and products.

Let’s take a look at some of the beauty tips your own grandmother may have used. These are tried and tested by time and we can benefit from their wisdom!

Beauty Tips From Our Elders

Using sugar to help clean her face – Sugar is very gentle and is the perfect way to help remove dirt and dead tissue from your skin. You can do this today by adding a few grains to your cleanser. Remember to apply moisturizer afterwards.

No curling irons back then – When your grandmother wanted to curl her hair, she would have used bobby pins or braided her hair before going to bed. After taking out the braid or the pins, you should use your fingers to coax your hair into place. If you use a hairbrush, your hair will tend to frizz up and ruin the curly look.

Lipstick for blush – If she was lucky, your grandmother may have had access to lipstick. She would then use it on her cheeks for a fresh, just-blushed look. To achieve this look, use a creamy brand of lipstick that matches your tone when you blush. Place some lipstick onto the back of your hand and then apply to your cheeks.

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More Alternative Beauty Tips

Wrinkle Prevention – Your grandmother knew correctly with this one. If you sleep on your back you will develop fewer wrinkles than if you sleep on your face.

Beer Shine – Beer was known to give your hair a wonderful shine and your grandmother and her friends would have used this whenever possible. Simply shampoo, rinse with beer and leave it on for about 5 minutes before rinsing off. How cool is that?

Facial Bath – The most effective facial still today is to simply sit with a towel on your head over a bowl of hot, steaming water. This opens up your pores and allows all the dirt, grime and toxins to be removed. You want to steam your face for 10 minutes before applying your cleanser.

Use These Alternative Tips To Stay Young-Looking!

So there you have it – a number of old-fashioned beauty tips that are still effective today. Plus, they’re just a bunch of fun! There is no need to stray away from using natural products; instead, enjoy using them and age with dignity and grace just as your grandmother did.

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