Fun Beauty Tips For Women

Although we’re in May, let’s talk about some of our New Year habits and how we may be able to develop healthier ones.

With the arrival of the New Year, everyone suddenly becomes more concerned about their appearance. I uncovered some fun beauty tips that you can use to help you look and feel better once winter comes. They are easy to do and many of them are really inexpensive and can easily be done with natural products at home.

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Fun Beauty Tips – Women’s Health

  1. One part of your body which often gets overlooked or forgotten about is your elbows. Don’t forget that this area can get extremely dry in the wintertime. Get into the habit of adding some extra moisturizer after your daily shower.
  2. Want to put some highlights in your hair? Try using a mixture of chamomile tea and lemon juice to permanently lighten your hair. Use a blower dryer or sit in the sun to get the full effect. Nourish your hair by rinsing it with beer to add moisture back into it. Or use vinegar to add additional shine. If you use a ton of products in your hair, try using a clarifying shampoo to help remove the excess build-up. Used once a week, this shampoo is also useful for helping you deal with dandruff.
  3. If you suffer from puffy eyes, use raw potato slices to soothe them. Raw potato contains the enzyme catalase which helps to lighten dark circles. The potato is an astringent which means it will help remove the water retention in your eye area, which is the culprit for puffy eyes. How cool is that?
  4. You can prolong the life of your foundation by switching from a makeup sponge to a brush. Sponges are notorious for soaking up way too much foundation. By changing to a brush you are not only saving money on foundation, but you will also notice that the foundation applies more evenly when brushed on.
  5. Create the perfect rosy cheeks by using two fingers to apply your blush. Start applying your blush about two finger widths away from your nose and apply to the apples of your cheeks. This will result in a natural and soft look.
  6. Do you have crazy eyebrows that just don’t ever want to stay in place? Use an old toothbrush or mascara wand moistened with a little hairspray to brush them into place. No more flyaway eyebrows!
  7. If you suffer from oily skin, use blotting paper to soak up the excess oil. Hiding oily patches with powder only creates a layered look that has a cakey appearance.
  8. My last tip for you is one that I just love using myself! Use lotion to remove tough makeup if you run out of your regular remover. This method works really well on stubborn mascara.

Prioritize Your Health And Well-Being!

All of the above beauty tips are easy to put into practice and won’t overrun your budget. Furthermore, for breast enhancement, I always suggest an easy-to-do massage technique that can develop the firmness and fullness of your breasts.

It’s free, easy to do, it boosts your confidence, and it feels great all year round, especially if you can teach your partner to do it for you! Best of luck!

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