How To Prepare For Date Night?

Whether your date night is once a week or once a month, I think it is important to make an effort for the one you love. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you how I prepare for date night.
Makeup Tips for Girls on Date Night
Follow my 9 steps to be date night ready:

  1. Create The Mood

When you’re getting ready for date night, it should be an enjoyable experience. So, set the mood by lighting a candle and playing some music. No one wants to go on a date with a stressed-out person, this will help relax you – especially if this is the first date. It will help to calm those first date nerves.

If you’re going on a first date, there really is nothing to worry about. You’re going to go out and eat some nice food, the worst that is going to happen is that you don’t like him.

  1. Nourish Your Skin

To achieve glowing skin for your date night, take a relaxing shower or bath and exfoliate and lather up with your favourite products. I choose to use BeautyCounter Sugar Body Scrub in Lemongrass and Body Butter in Citrus Mimosa – both smell amazing.

If I am showing skin by wearing a dress or skirt, I also like to use BeautyCounter’s Glow Shimmer Oil. I apply this to my legs and arms, by placing a small amount onto the palms of my hands and then working the product over my skin. It leaves me with glowing sun-kissed skin.

I wrote more extensively about why I choose to use the BeautyCounter brand in my indepth BeautyCounter review!

  1. Follow A Good Skincare Regimen

I believe a good skincare regimen should always be carried out, not just for date night. By following a regular skin regimen over time, you will ensure you have beautiful skin for every occasion. In addition to following a skincare regimen, you should also pay attention to your diet for beautiful skin.

As experts say you should avoid or limit sugar, salt, dairy, saturated fats and foods with a high glycemic load. Perhaps on date night, you make an exception, but an overall trend of avoidance is good for your skin and health.

  1. Prime Your Make-Up

For make-up that will last the entire night, it is important to prime your skin. To do this I use BeautyCounter’s No3 Balancing Facial Mist. I find it works as an effective primer because the formula helps to absorb excess oils and calms redness.

I also use BeautyCounter’s No1 Brightening Facial Oil, don’t be afraid to use a facial oil – it will not make your skin greasy. If this is a concern of yours only use 2-4 drops to begin with. I like to use a facial oil before applying my foundation, I find it makes my foundation spread more easily and gives my skin a beautiful sheen. I think it is better to look dewy than dehydrated.

Finally, after applying my make-up I like to set it in place using a fixing spray. The one I am currently using is the No1 Brightening Facial Mist, this works well alongside the facial oil from the same range and ensures my make-up stays in place.

  1. Apply Your Make-Up Early

It may sound strange but try to avoid doing your make-up right before you leave the house. I find it always looks better when the products have settled in a little. To create the perfect base, I apply BeautyCounter’s Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation, teamed with Touchup Skin Concealer Pen and the Color Define Brow Pencil.

  1. Choose A Kiss-Proof Lipstick

If you are looking for an after-date pucker up, avoid layers of gloppy lip gloss. Instead, opt for a long-wear lipstick in a flattering shade, which is one darker than your natural lip colour – you don’t want your date going home wearing the same lipstick as you.

My lip routine starts with prepping my lips with BeautyCounter’s Lip Conditioner in Peppermint. I then apply the BeautyCounter Color Intense Lipstick in the shade Rosy Pink – also known as First Date (a happy coincidence).

As you are keeping the lip look simple and natural, this gives you the opportunity to vamp the rest of your look up.

You can’t go wrong with a statement eye shadow look, voluminous lashes and a cat-eye flick. To achieve this look I use BeautyCounter’s Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Iconic, the shade Ribbon is particularly favourite of mine. Alongside, lashings of Volumizing Mascara and Precision Liquid Eye Liner.

If you would like to see how I create my cat-eye flick with the use of eyeliner, check out my previous post ‘Make-Up Trends and How To Tackle Them’.

  1. Revamp Your Hair

If you can’t treat yourself to a blow-dry at your local salon, create a textured look at home. To create this look, allow your hair to dry naturally for more texture. If you have a natural curl or wave you can skip this step, if not create some loose waves using a curling tong alternating the way in which you wrap the hair around the tong for a natural look.

Finally, finish the look with BeautyCounter’s Style Sea Salt Spray. This will help to enhance your curls and add shine to your locks. I find this style creates an effortlessly chic look.

  1. Dress To Impress

Now’s the perfect time to pull out that outfit you’ve been saving for a special night out. Ensure you’re wearing the correct colour and style underwear for your outfit; you don’t want to have an outfit faux pas. Or expose the dreaded VPL.

  1. Do You

The most important date night tip I have for you, especially if it’s the first date. It’s fun to experiment with your look, but most guys just want to know the real you. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you can’t apply it or take it off in under five minutes, it’s probably a first date DON’T.

Use your outfit, make-up and hair as a way to express your style and personality. No one is you and that is your power.

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