Beginners Guide To Make-Up

The world of beauty is exciting but can also be daunting with so many options to choose from. In this post, I will share with you my tips for curating your essential beauty collection alongside my best tips and tricks. Whether you are entirely new to beauty or just looking to step up your game, I have cost-effective and handy hacks to share with you here.
Beginners Guide to Makeup

Clean Beauty

If you are new to beauty, I would recommend curating your collection of all ‘clean’ beauty products. This is because there are many harmful ingredients within cosmetic products that can be found at drugstores, it is worth investing a few extra pounds in quality products, which have your safety ensured.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I only use BeautyCounter products, after recently converting all my products to them.


Flawless make-up begins with great skincare. To create your base, use a moisturiser and primer. A moisturiser will hydrate your skin, while the primer will help to keep your makeup in place.


For make-up newbies who want to avoid the caked-on foundation look, I would recommend using a light foundation. This will work best as it is light and buildable, so it is more manageable to apply gradually. I choose to use BeautyCounter Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation, this is the most natural looking foundation I have used. It takes me through both seasons due to its buildable coverage, and moisturising formula. In addition to the foundation, you should also use a complementing concealer. You should choose a shade which is one lighter than your foundation, this will help to create a brightening effect.


There are three main powders which are bronzer, highlighter and blush. These are less intimidating then you may think, it is just a case of knowing where to apply the product correctly. Bronzer should be applied below the cheekbones, around the frame of your face and on either side of your nose if you want to create a chiselled look. Highlighter should be applied on your cupids bow, on your cheekbones and on the tip of your nose. Finally, blush is simply applied to the apple of your cheeks.


Eye make-up can be complex. So, I think it is important to keep it simple to begin with. I would recommend using black mascara. Alongside light coverage eyeshadow – however, before investing in an expensive eyeshadow palette a good alternative is to lightly brush your bronzer powder over your eyelids. Once you have got used to the technique of applying your eyeshadow correctly, you can then invest in an eyeshadow palette with the confidence to apply the products correctly (without waste).


Keep it simple by using just one product. Learning how to master using this specific one before introducing additional complementing products. I would recommend using a pencil such as the one I use from BeautyCounter. Which is the Color Define Brown Pencil, this is particularly good due to it also having a wand on the other side of the pencil. This is perfect for brushing through eyebrows before applying the product, and then to help blend the product after application.


To begin your lip collection, I believe there are three staple products which you need. These are a clear lip-gloss and a red and nude lipstick. These two hues are universally flattering, the nude hue is perfect for the day. Whereas, the red will take you to the night. A lip-gloss is also the perfect staple for any look, I opt for a clear lip-gloss which I can apply over either of the mentioned shades for a different look.


Brushes are an important part of creating a flawless look. I use a foundation brush, a precision brush, powder brush and an all over eye brush. I use the precision brush for two uses, which are for applying my highlighter and for the times when I want to add definition to the sides of my nose with the use of the bronzer.

Make-Up Remover:

This is essential for make-up newbies. Everyone makes mistakes when they are experimenting (even the pros). So, it is important to have make-up wipes or a cleanser and Q-Tips handy to erase any errors.

6 Make-Up Tips & Tricks:

  1. Apply Make-Up With Tools – Not Fingers. In addition to being more hygienic, tools will also help you to achieve more precision and a flawless finish.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment – Use different shades and different formulas such as creams and liquids. By experimenting with different products, it will help you to discover what works best for you.
  3. Ensure after wearing make-up you remove it with use of make-up wipes. I would also recommend cleansing and moisturizing your skin following the removal of make-up. It is essential for you to look after your skin, in order to see the best possible results upon make-up application.
  4. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you are unsure about how to use a product. Another great way to learn techniques is to watch YouTube videos. There is something for every application and trend you could think of.
  5. Always apply your foundation using downward strokes. Most of us have a thin layer of hair on our face and applying foundation in upward strokes will make the hair strands stand out.
  6. For a perfect wing, use the tape method. Just stick tape in an angular fashion on the sides of your eyes and let the ends guide you to achieve that killer winged eyeliner every single time.
  7. Use dots to create the perfect eyeliner flick. It might sound silly to a few, but there are people (like me) for whom drawing a straight line on paper is a task difficult enough, let alone exhibit such mastery on eyes with an eyeliner. Fret not, just draw small dots or dashes with your eyeliner on the lash line and join them together.

I hope my tips and tricks have helped those of you who are new to makeup. Remember don’t be afraid to experiment – that’s the best part

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